Make video conferencing more efficient and fun

Make video conferencing more efficient and fun

Phil / December 4, 2019

Engaging your team in video conferences is quite a difficult challenge. Surely enough, your team will listen to every task you give out, they might or might not have an opinion on the current topic, but grabbing their attention and making video conferences fun, efficient, and engaging is no trifling matter.

That’s why today we have prepared a variety of tips that will hopefully help you improve the quality of your video conference hosts.

1. Improve your AV systems

The quality of your Audio-video systems is the first thing that you should be focusing on. Blurry images and muffled audio are the first deal-breakers when talking to clients, as well as a nuisance when you’re talking to your employees.

A proper AV system doesn’t offer any compromise between the quality of sound and the quality of the emitted picture or a video. You should be able to clearly see and hear the other side, and vice versa. Luckily for you, great audio-visual systems are nowadays pretty cheap and very easy to use.

2. Being the conference with audio-visual checkups 

Rather than waiting for the problem to occur during the conference, you should perform an audio-visual check before it even starts. Make sure that each attendee is present and using the right tools/platform so as to avoid any miscommunication during the process.

3. Appoint an employee to oversee the technical aspect of the video conference

Simply put, there are too many things that can go awry during a video conference, so before a dead signal or static feedback bums everyone out, you should have an employee to oversee the conference for its entirety. 

The best thing about this is that your ‘overseer’ employee can also participate in the conference call, but he (or she) will also have to run diagnostic checks and have solutions prepared for any potential technical difficulties and problems. 

4. Designate a ‘carefree’ time

Regardless of how long you wish a conference meeting to last, you should make sure that at least a couple of minutes of it goes to some casual chit-chat. During this time you can speak to your employees about how they are feeling; if they are satisfied with the direction the company has taken, and so on. 

It’s always more fun and engaging to have an actual relationship with your employees rather than being strict and business-oriented at all times.

5.    Host brainstorming sessions

One of the best ways to keep your authority intact and have your employees participate in the actual decision-making process is to host brainstorming sessions. You can simply start off by giving an overall idea of the next project (or projects) to your employees and have them color the picture with ideas and details.

Of course, you will still be able to take or discard whatever you wish from these sessions, but it will make video conferencing substantially more fun and your employees will actually be able to feel more involved.

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