23 Things Which Makes Indians Unique and Different from Others

Indians are different. It’s not just the physical attributes (girls, we are the most beautiful in the lot) but our unique traits that make us one of our kinds. There are plenty, but we have listed down a few quintessential Indian traits for you. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, nobody but an Indian embodies immense love, generosity and care. East or West, We Indians are the Best! What say? Enjoy reading!

1. No other nationality can beat Indians in bargaining. “Chalo bhaiya . Na tera na mera. Itne paise theek hain.”

2. Ding, dong? You rush to open the door while your mother, for her dupatta. (Dupatta is a must)

3. Indian girls have 3 type of brothers. Real brother, Cousin brother, Rakhee brother. So boys think twice, before making her you girlfriend.

4. We get embarrassed in front of our parents even when the word “sex” is written on a form to specify gender.

5. We have all had secret boyfriends/girlfriends. We dint care about them cheating on us but we dreaded getting caught by each others parents.

6. We go on cleaning sprees only during Diwali/Christmas or when we have guests coming over.

7. If we live in another city and dont call our mom daily, she’ll freak out and call all our friends. Receiving a 100 calls from your mother just to make sure that you are alive.

8. Every Indian bachelor wants to marry a fair girl.

9. We thrive on street food and we don’t get sick.

10. ‘Match-making’ is every Indian mothers leisure time work. No matter whether your mother is working or house-wife, she will definitely do this for her son.

11. Picking up or dropping a relative to the airport/railway station is an important family affair.

12. The bride must cry at her Vidai. She has no business looking happy.

13. Receiving phone calls from your parents just to know “Where you are?” “When will you return?” while you are out with your friends.

14. You are a grownup when you beat up your siblings. But you become under 12, when it comes to buying tickets. Getting a half ticket is a huge victory!

15. We started reading only because Chetan Bhagat started writing.

16. No matter from how much reputed school we have studied, when we are out of our senses, we switch to our desi words. Hindi words suits more!

17. We spend more time talking to guests at the door when they are leaving than while sitting in the living room.

18. Indians do not believe in spending on electronics. They’ll use them till they get life out of them (By hitting and hitting).

19. Meeting a person with the same surname is like finding a long lost twin brother/sister.

20. You can’t speak softly. It provides you with special tags like “ghochu”, “darpok”, “sharmeela”.

21. Every teen-age Indian girl’s first crush is either Captain Cool MSD or Virat Kohli. Even mom’s pray for their girls to be hitched by a cricketer. Film stars don’t get mother’s approval though.

22. The word ‘Trash’ does not exists in our dictionary as we store and re-use and re-use and re-use everything…including plastic bags, jam bottles, Horlicks bottles, gift wrappers, cardboard boxes, old clothes , books etc etc etc.

23. You touch guests’ feet not cause it’s a tradition, but because it earns you perk while they leave.