6’ x 5’ x 12’ PVC tubing, shrink-wrap, compost.

In 1998 I was invited to live and work in residence at The Headlands Center for The Arts (HCA) for three months. At that time I was building different kinds of structures to help make compost, and was interested in using the vegetable waste from the meals being prepared for the artists at the center. Because HCA is located on federal parkland it was not possible to make a compost pile outside- this would introduce foreign organic elements into the protected environment of the park. So, I decided to build a composter in my studio, which was on the second floor of an old army barracks building.

Compost is a complex living ecosystem and needs to be exposed to air circulation, bacteria and insects in order to digest and transform organic materials. The clear plastic structure was attached to an open window, allowing the ambient flora and fauna to visit the pile.

The composter was closed to the interior of the building, which made it difficult to get more organic scraps inside. In order to do this I had to place a ladder against the outside of the building and pour buckets of material into my studio through the window.

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