Junior Return


8″ x 8″ x 8″,  Glass, electronics, water, plant

Junior Return is a set of glass capsules that provide a miniature, computer controlled hydroponic environment; the plants’ roots are submerged in nutrient-infused water while LED lights supply the necessary illumination. The energy for all of this is supplied by a battery that is tethered to the unit.

e-jun img_3578

The system keeps its enclosed plant in a dwarf state by supplying only enough resources to survive but not thrive. I kept a broccoli seedling alive for almost three years using this technique, and wanted to formalize this behavior in a device. The plant in this container could flourish in the most meager of environments, but would also be invisible to us in significance and aesthetic consideration.


Clone Army

The still life is a theme that embraces a contradiction: how does an artist represent in static form that which is time based and fleeting?

In 2007 I  made an edition of eighteen of the small hydroponic units called…..’Junior’s Returns’. This component network was made so it could be reconfigured to match the space and resources that might be available. They can plug into many different types of batteries, outlets and other electrical sources. In this case the units are getting their juice from car batteries set inside of plexiglass boxes.

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