Leviathans is a video of the slime-mold Physarum polycephalum. The slime-mold, though diminutive in size, is able to travel relatively large distances in a short period of time while searching for food. This is due to the way its body pulses and moves, which can be imagined as a harmonically rippling jellyfish like thing, propelling itself along on the oscillating waves of its own body. In moving, the slime-mold computes the physical world, and resolves analog problems in a way that is incomplete and messy while also being highly efficient and fast. There are a broad range of people conducting research on this organism, including those interested in evolution and developmental biology as well as programmers, scientists and technologists in artificial intelligence.

Leviathans’s images were captured at SymbioticA in 2007. Editing was done by Marcella Faustini. Scott Arford created and produced the soundtrack.


Making Leviathans