The Discovered Order


For this show I formalized a few of the ad-hoc life support environments that I was working with in my studio. I packed a foot locker with the materials that would be needed to create three distinct growing environments wherever in the world there might be electricity. One of these environments required a light bulb, another an air purifier, and the third a humidifier.

The light bulb was used to create an ideal environment for growing plants. I built a tent out of mylar and poles, conforming the shape of the space to the inverse square ideal of the bulb’s photosynthetic sweet-spot. (dork!) The sides of the tent were rolled up to create a chimney effect, with the warm air around the light bulb rising through a hole in the top of the tent, pulling fresh air in from the bottom.

The air purifier was used to create a miniature laboratory for cultivating and propagating living cultures. The puffy looking black cube is a collapsible vinyl hood, within which is a space of enormous biological potential. The bottle of locally bought vodka was used to keep things clean.

An ultrasonic humidifier was used to create an environment that was warm, moist and had a high concentration of carbon dioxide. The humidifier produced a thick fog inside of an inflated plastic form that was suspended from the ceiling. The form was inflated with a primitive carbon dioxide generator I put together by dripping vinegar fromĀ  an inverted bottle into a plastic container full of sodium bicarbonate.